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Running tests on Appium

Serenity supports running tests on mobile devices/emulators out of the box with Appium.

First, you will need to install Appium:

(sudo) npm install -g appium --chromedriver_version="102.0"

Afterwards Appium is available as command and can be started by invoking the following command:


Then adapt to run on an Android device:

webdriver.driver= appiumwebdriver.base.url = = = Androidappium.platformVersion = 5.1.1appium.deviceName = e2f5c460appium.browserName = Chrome

Here's an example for iOS:

webdriver.driver= appiumwebdriver.base.url = = = iOSappium.platformVersion = 8.1appium.deviceName = iPhone 5appium.browserName = Safari

Note: All properties which are starting with appium in will be forwarded to appium driver.

For example, setting appium.automationName = XCUITest in will have as end effect setting the property automationName = XCUITest in appium driver capabilities.

Besides the properties file you can also use commandline switches:

mvn test -Dappium.hub= -Dwebdriver.driver=appium -Dappium.platformName=iOS -Dappium.browserName=Safari -Dappium.deviceName="iPhone 5"

All properties starting with appium.* will be forwarded to the appium driver as appium desired capabilities.

For example, setting the property appium.automationName=myAutomationName will have as effect setting the capability automationName in the appium driver to myAutomationName.

The following annotations are supported for a PageObject element:

@AndroidFindBy(id="")private WebElement loginButton;
@iOSFindBy(id="")private WebElement loginButton;
@FindBy(accessibilityId="")private WebElement loginButton;

Sometimes it may be necessary in a PageObject to use specific methods of the underlying driver:

AndroidDriver<AndroidElement> androidDriver() {    return (AndroidDriver<AndroidElement>)            ((WebDriverFacade) getDriver()).getProxiedDriver();}...androidDriver().hideKeyboard();

You can also add Appium to an existing grid. See the Appium documentation for more details about the node-config option.